All About Pool Coping

Coping is a critical structural component that creates the edge of your swimming pool. Technically it is where the pool wall meets the top deck of a pool. An important safety feature that serves as a lip for the edges of you pool, coping protects swimmers by ensuring a smooth surface where the wall and edge meet as well as performs the task of housing mechanical systems necessary to make your pool function.

Depending upon the design of your pool, there are a wide variety of options for coping. From material to shape, one portion of how your pool will look is based on the selection you make for coping. Here are a few examples of several of the most popular materials and shapes to consider when designing your dream pool:

  • Poured Concrete
    This method enables your pool coping to be creating as one unit with your decking. A great approach for smaller properties, this seamlessness lends an air of space by offering cleaner lines and consistent material.
  • Natural Stone
    Bringing both warmth and texture, natural stone coping like granite, limestone, or fieldstone is a great durable solution. The texture and warm colors of natural stone set a prime stage for an aesthetically pleasing and inviting pool area.
  • Precast Concrete
    Available in a wide range of textures, patterns, and colors, precast concrete coping offers many different options for your pool. With uniform thickness and its low cost, precast concrete is a popular option for coping matters.
  • Brick
    Offering a classic look like brick around your pool can create an elegant and historical look. The contrast between the colored brick and a beautiful blue pool is pleasing and brick functions as a durable and sturdy material able to stand up to the needs of coping.

Talk to one of our professionals about your thoughts on what style suits you and your property when it comes to pool coping. At Signature Pools, we are standing by waiting to help develop your ideas into a great backyard space!