Choosing a Pool Slide

Choosing a Pool Slide Pool slides can be crazy fun. Every loves a fun slide with a big splash at the end. However, certain safety precautions need to be followed. A swimming pool contractor such as Signature Pools of Texas can give homeowners pointers on picking a pool to build that will best suit a slide, picking a slide if you already have a pool, and the best way to maintain both so you have years of fun ahead. Here are a ... Read more

Choosing Patio and Poolside Furniture

Patio furniture and poolside furniture may seem like essentially the same thing, but they tend to get used very differently. Yes, they are both outdoors, but poolside furniture needs to accommodate wet people with a lot of bare skin whose main focus is swimming. Patio furniture generally does not need to serve the same purpose. Where to Start So, how does one decide what kind of furniture they need in their outdoor space? Well, for starters, they decide how the space will be ... Read more

Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a popular activity that a family and their friends can experience in the privacy of a backyard. People of all ages and fitness levels enjoy relaxing, playing and splashing in the soothing water. A backyard oasis, a swimming pool is more than just a place to socialize. This guide provides an overview of the emotional and physical benefits that a swimming pool can provide. Healthy Family Fun Whether it is a full-sized, multi-tiered pool with slides, a lap pool or a ... Read more

Swimming Pool Safety

Safety in the Pool When the temperature rises in Texas, taking a dip in a pool is a great way to beat the heat. However, because a typical pool has various hazards, specific steps must be followed to ensure safety when everyone spends time cooling off in the water. A good defensive is the best strategy, so a homeowner must pick a proper pool blueprint that's strategically designed to boost safety. Then, advanced safety procedures should be implemented in order to keep ... Read more

Is it Sanitary to Let My Pets in the Pool?

Is it safe for my pets to swim? It is generally safe for your furry friend to take a swim in your backyard pool. However, there are several things to keep in mind when allowing your dog, or any pet, to take a dip. Depending on the type of pool you have – saltwater or chlorine – the chemicals in the water could affect your animal. While the chlorine level in pools is generally safe for humans, your animal's ears, nose and ... Read more

Planning Your Deck Around Your Pool

Planning your deck around your pool A pool is a great addition to any home. Pools can help people cool off on a hot day or relax after a stressful week. They also make an ideal gathering spot for a fabulous outdoor party. The pool is even ideal for a last minute swim before heading to bed. For those who already have a pool in their backyard, it is important to think about how best to facilitate access to it. One of ... Read more

Chlorine versus Saltwater: The Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

Installing a swimming pool is a great way to spend time with family and friends on those hot summer days, and it can add resale value to your home. Not too long ago, the only choice you had to make when it came to swimming pools was whether you wanted an in-ground or an above ground pool. The choice isn’t as simple anymore. Now you must choose between a salt water pool and a chlorine pool. Although a chlorinated pool has ... Read more

How to Pick a Pool Cover

How to Pick a Pool Cover Pool covers serve a variety of purposes. They can be used to ward off debris and contaminants, or act as a barrier, all of which can help to reduce your pool's maintenance requirements and improve the level of safety. However, several types of pool covers are available on the market, each offering a different set of benefits. Here are five tips to help you pick the right swimming pool cover. Functionality What will be the cover’s primary function? ... Read more

Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool

Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool Nothing can take away from the enjoyment of a pool quicker than an infestation of insects. They are attracted to the crowds of people and water associated with pools. There are certain things that can be done to keep bugs from ruining the good times experienced with a pool. Algae There are certain insects that will gather near a pool in search of algae. It’s important to eliminate all sources of algae as this is a ... Read more

Throwing a Winter Pool Party

We know, it sounds crazy but hear us out. A winter pool party can be a really fun idea if well thought-out. Here are some pointers for making it work. Theme Theme is important in a winter pool party. It is a great way to set a fun tone for what your guests are already considering an unconventional get together. Think mashups like flannel-luau or black tie long johns that will allow your guests to dress in warm, comfortable, and casual attire. Heat Warmth is ... Read more
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