Chlorine versus Saltwater: The Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 3.02.46 PMInstalling a swimming pool is a great way to spend time with family and friends on those hot summer days, and it can add resale value to your home. Not too long ago, the only choice you had to make when it came to swimming pools was whether you wanted an in-ground or an above ground pool. The choice isn’t as simple anymore. Now you must choose between a salt water pool and a chlorine pool. Although a chlorinated pool has its advantages, there are a number of benefits that come with owning a salt water pool.

Easy to Maintain

Salt water pools are extremely easy to maintain. In fact, in terms of maintenance, a salt water pool is thought to be a hands-off type of maintenance because the salt cell does the work of producing the necessary chlorine for you. Basically, the only maintenance you need to worry about it topping off the salt levels. Most saltwater filtration systems monitor themselves, but you may need to monitor the chlorine levels periodically to ensure everything is working correctly. You can expect to have longer-lasting clean water than what you could expect with a chlorine pool.

Health Benefits

The salt water system will reduce the amount of chlorine that is necessary for maintaining a healthy chemical balance. Less chlorinated water means less risk of damages to your eyes, no irritated dry skin, no frizzy and dry hair, and fewer effects on breathing for asthma/allergy sufferers. Salt water is much less harsh on your eyes, skin and hair because there isn’t the addition of chemicals necessary for stabilization with a chlorine pool. The additives are what cause the irritation. Swimming and soaking in a salt water pool is one of the best types of therapy for sore and injured muscles, too. Your saltwater pool will provide the same effect soaking in a bathtub of water and Epsom salts, but in a larger space.

Cost Benefits

With a chlorine pool you can expect to spend about $40 a month on the chemicals necessary to keep the pool clean. Whereas, with a salt water pool, you are only required to pour a bag of salt into the salt machine about once every six weeks. Even then, a bag of salt is much less expensive than the cost of chlorine chemicals. Not only will you save money on maintenance, but your swimwear will last longer as well because there aren’t any heavy levels of chlorine to cause fading. Your energy bill will also be lower than what you could expect with a chlorine pool because with a saltwater pool you don’t have to continuously run the filtration system. The cost of any pool is dependant on size, salt water or chlorine, and a few other factors, but with a salt water pool you could save a bit of money over time.

A salt water pool basically provides a pleasant swimming experience. The soft water is great for your skin, you won’t have the harsh taste of chlorine and you won’t be handling toxic chemicals.