Common Pool Pitfalls

With the arrival of summer and its corresponding climbing temperatures, prime swimming season is finally here! In order to ensure that your waters are sparkling, clean, and ready for diving in, here’s a handy list from the professionals at Signature Pools of Texas to help you troubleshoot any potential issues and steer you clear of the common pool pitfalls that can put the brakes on you and your family’s rest and relaxation time.

  • Algae
    From green to black, pink to mustard colored, algae comes in a variety of surprising colors and can wreck havoc on your pool system and equipment. If you notice rough collections of algae blooms on the bottom or clinging to the walls of your pool, this means that your water is not circulating correctly, is improperly balanced, is low on sanitizer, or your maintenance routine needs adjusting. To solve this type of issue, talk to a pool professional about adding an algaecide to your water, verify that your systems are working correctly, and give the pool walls a proper brushing and cleaning.
  • Insects and small animals
    Pools can attract a variety of creatures like ducks, water bugs, frogs, and snakes; it all depends on your backyard environment and landscaping. If you notice these types of pests creeping in, the proper course of action is to shock the pool to get rid of the extra organic material in the water and consider adding an algaecide.
  • Rain
    Storm water runoff can rapidly raise your pull water level and carry in all sorts of debris and contaminants. To effectively deal with summer storms, you may need to shock your pool to rebalance the water and make sure to circulate it for at least 24 hours. Before this step, make sure to remove any debris including leaves and dirt that have made their way in.
  • Discolored water
    Whether it turns gray, green, brown, or purple, if your water looks a color other than what you typically expect, this is an obvious sign of a problem. Most likely the color is the result of either outside contamination or equipment corrosion. You may need to speak to your local professional about the specific color you are seeing for help diagnosing the proper treatment.
  • Hazy/Cloudy water
    This doesn’t necessarily indicate discolored water (see above) however, if you can’t see the bottom of your pool, chances are that the filtration and circulation systems are off and your water may be lacking chloramines and sanitizer. To fix this issue, check the pump and filter, shock your pool to balance the water, and then run your pump continuously until you see improvement.


Although far from a comprehensive list, the above issues are frequent pitfalls of every summer pool season. At Signature Pools of Texas, we are always here to help answer your questions. Now hop too and get to swimming!