Early Fall: Best Time to Build a Pool

As summer winds down and the evening temperatures start to cool off, now is the perfect time to build the pool of your dreams. At Signature Pools of Texas, we can help bring your pool ideas to fruition. With over 20 years of swimming pool experience, our methods far exceed industry standards. Here are several reasons why early fall is the best time to build a pool:

  • Guaranteed full season for spring and summer
  • Less delays due to predictable weather
  • Don’t have to worry about rushing to finish for busy season
  • More competitive price options
  • Potential tax breaks at the end of the fiscal year
  • Paperwork and permitting processes moves smoother due to off season
  • Can enjoy the spa throughout winter
  • Landscaping! Building a pool in the fall allows time for your landscape to take root and fill out leaving your yard blooming how you want it to by summer
  • Slower period for contractors and builders so it’s easier to stay on schedule and book the vendors you want
  • Off season pools receive more attention due to lighter building schedules


Building a pool in the off-season leaves you plenty of time and space to create the project of your dreams in your yard. In Texas, through our mild winters, the fall season is the best time to break ground.

At Signature Pools of Texas, let us help plan for your future. If you’ve always wanted a pool, now is the time to start thinking ahead. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to remodel and repair your existing pool, we can help transform you outdoor environment into something beautiful.