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Pool and Spa Financing Options

Where to Begin

Pools, spas and water features are not only beautiful and fun, but add to the value of your home.

Finding a pool builder who is knowledgeable about financing is the key to making your backyard dream an affordable reality. There are several Houston lenders that specialize in home improvement and home equity loans for pools. You may use your own bank or Signature Pools of Texas has teamed up with Paramount Capital to offer financing to our clients. We are a partner with the Paramount Capital part of the Paramount Pool & Spa Systems family.

The loan process is fast and simple.

Depending on your credit history you may finance 100% or more. You may also finance landscaping, fencing, summer kitchens etc. to your loan.

How To Choose a Lender

The key to successfully financing your pool is finding a lender who has some knowledge of the swimming pool building process and its nuances. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Access to multiple financing programs which allows you to easily tailor a manageable monthly payment to your situation.  We can often get you approved in as little as 24 hours and we’ll explain financing options, loan terms and current interest rates.
  •  A bank might do one swimming pool loan a week, but we do pool financing all the time, so you can be assured that we understand what you need.
Pools are Affordable

Finance your Backyard Dream Today >>

  • Unsecured Financing, No equity required
  • Pool Add-Back program
  • Fixed Rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Multiple programs available


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