Health Benefits of Swimming

shutterstock_124820902Swimming is a popular activity that a family and their friends can experience in the privacy of a backyard. People of all ages and fitness levels enjoy relaxing, playing and splashing in the soothing water. A backyard oasis, a swimming pool is more than just a place to socialize. This guide provides an overview of the emotional and physical benefits that a swimming pool can provide.

Healthy Family Fun

Whether it is a full-sized, multi-tiered pool with slides, a lap pool or a swim spa, a backyard swimming pool is a great way to enjoy the outdoors away from the distractions of social media and television. A pool provides:

• A place to relax and enjoy a peaceful moment
• An effective way to alleviate stress
• A pleasant way to cool off on a hot day
• An opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, which boosts mood and happiness

Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle

Along with being a tranquil place to splash around and cool off, a swimming pool also provides a great way to stay fit and healthy. Swimming is a low-impact activity that can be enjoyed throughout life. Regarded as the perfect exercise, swimming is often recommended by physicians and fitness experts. Swimmers achieve an aerobic workout without experiencing the harmful effect that jogging or running can have on the joints. Athletes swim to stay in shape, especially when recovering from injuries. Swimming is a great workout because it requires that a person use his or her entire body to overcome the resistance of the water. Additional benefits of swimming include:

• Building endurance and strengthening muscles
• Keeping the heart rate elevated without wear and tear on the joints
• Increasing the metabolism and burning calories, which helps maintain a healthy weight
• Building bone mass
• Reducing inflammation

Convenient Workout

Although it is possible to swim at a health club, a community pool or a lake, nothing beats the convenience of a backyard pool. Having a swimming pool will make it easier to fit a morning or evening workout into a busy schedule. There is no need to pack swimming gear and drive to a public venue for a workout. Community pools and health clubs generally have limited hours and may have periods of restricted use preventing lap swimming or other water exercises. A private backyard lap pool or regular swimming pool does not have those restrictions. It is an ideal place in which to accomplish many different types of workouts in one location, which can help individuals maintain a healthier lifestyle. A study by the University of South Carolina showed that men who swam on a regular basis lived longer. Research conducted in Australia indicates that children who took swimming lessons had greater cognitive function.

In addition to increasing the beauty of an outdoor space, a backyard pool also provides numerous social and health benefits. Pools can be designed for a wide variety of spaces. For more information, contact Signature Pools of Texas, a designer and builder of quality swimming pools.