How to Prep Your Pool to Weather Storms

Once winter gives way to spring, storm season opens and although it can be fun to watch the magnificence of nature, spring storms can wreak havoc on your pool. By preparing a plan in advance for the different issues that can arise, you can better protect your investment to weather the wind, rain, and other elements that mother nature can bring. Here’s how you can prepare your pool and patio for this year’s storm season so that when a storm hits, you can rest assured that your pool and spa are ready:

  • Do Not Drain Your Pool

There seems to be a prevalent belief that you should drain your pool before a large storm in order to prevent your pool from overflowing or flooding your house. This belief is incorrect, however. Your pool is built with overflows that can drain away any excess water. You can slightly lower the water if you’d like but we’d suggest no more than 12 to 24” lower than normal to leave a buffer. The water in your pool serves as a protecting agent for your pool’s finish and the hydrostatic pressure of a storm can be too strong on an empty pool resulting in cracks or movement of your pool in the ground if its empty!

  • Store Misc. Items

If you have time, collect pool equipment such as hoses, outdoor furniture, potted plants, cleaning equipment and bring these items inside to prevent them from being battered about by wind and rain. If you can’t bring them inside, then try to properly secure your items with ropes or bungee cords (Note – This is for severe storms only!).

  • Stay On Top of Yard Work

As part of your regular routine, try to stay on top of your landscaping needs. This means you should prune or trim any large branches and smaller hedges to prevent big problems come storm time. This will also limit the debris you find in your pool post-storm.

  • Aftermath

After the storm passes, it’s critical you address any pool problems immediately! This means you should clean out any dirt or debris that has made it’s way into your pool water to prevent permanent staining issues. You will also want to be sure to balance your pH levels, shock your water if necessary, and also run the filter for several hours to make your water clear and to circumnavigate potential issues!