How to Simplify Your Pool Life: Build a Pool That Cleans Itself!

If you’ve ever hesitated to build a pool because you’re worried about how long it takes to clean one, you don’t have to put off your plans anymore.

This summer, you can have a sparkling clean pool with little maintenance on your part. Modern pool technologies, such as the PCC2000, have significantly decreased the amount of cleaning pool owners have to put in, which leaves more time for using the pool and enjoying everything that comes with.

The PCC2000 is an in-floor cleaning system that uses aimed jet streams and nozzles to push dirt, particles, and leaves towards a patented debris collection zone. The jets and collection system are built right into the pool’s shell, and automatically pop out when it’s time to clean, sinking back into the floor when finished. Everything sucked up by the collection zone’s drain is sent to an optional container you can have built into your pool’s deck.

An added benefit of using the PCC2000 cleaning system is that the jets create better circulation within your pool, which means you have less cleaning to do with chemicals. Because they’re strategically placed along the walls, floor, steps, and benches, the jets help push water around the entirety of your pool, and not just the top layer. This reduces your need to use extra chemicals to reach the parts of the pool that would otherwise not get enough circulation.

So if you’ve hated the idea of maintaining a pool, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. If you purchase a pool with the PCC2000 cleaning system, life by your pool will become simpler, not harder.