Lighting Options for Your Pool

As we wait for the spring weather to hit, now is an excellent time to consider what you need to do in order to prep your pool for prime swimming season. Whether you are thinking about remodeling your existing pool, starting a completely new project from scratch, or considering  small seasonal upgrades, lighting is an essential element for all of these categories to establish ambiance and mood to help you relax and enjoy your pool once it’s opened.

There are several different types of pool lights available on the market today. Here’s a bit more information on each of them:

Halogen lights used to be the frontrunner in terms of options for how to light your pool. As the industry has progressed and technology has evolved, halogen lights are being used less and less. However, the plus side to these types of lights is that they can be used in any type of pool. They are also super-budget friendly and bring a lot of light to your pool. One of the negative aspects of halogen lights is that they require more energy than other options on the market and typically only offer white light instead of a range of color options.

Fiber Optics
A more exciting and newer option available to pool owners, fiber optic pool lights can help establish atmosphere and ambiance through a wide array colors. Also, this option is relatively simple to install and easy to change out bulbs whenever necessary.

Probably the most popular lighting option today, LED lights boast a wide array of bright colors. They are also energy efficient saving you time and money. In fact, one LED bulb can last more than seven years! The downside to LED lights is that the replacement process is a bit more complicated than just switching out a bulb and may take the care of a professional.

Whichever you chose, lighting can have a major impact on your swimming experience. Don’t forget to consider deck and water feature lighting to add visual diversity and interest to your backyard oasis!