New Trends for Your Pool

An updated backyard pool boasts both comfort and beauty. With the many industry developments, private pools host a range of new trends enabling you to create a luxurious and stress-free environment in your own backyard. Several of the latest trends when it comes to updating or renovating your outdoor space include:

Salt Water Chlorinators
These modern swimming pool purifiers eliminate the storage and manual application of chlorine. To help you spend more time enjoying your pool and less time taking care of it, salt-water chlorinators regulate chlorine levels and can help reduce the chemical needs of your pool.

Color LED/Fiber Optic Lights
As a great way to establish the right mood for a solo swim, a private night, or a fun evening of entertaining friends and family, the charm and efficiency of colored LED lights and fiber optic spot lights can help establish the right atmosphere. Not to mention, many of the lighting options perform shows for hours of entertainment!

Aggregate Finishes
With a plethora of new materials on the marketplace, aggregate pool finishes provide elegant and rich looking colors for your waters. Instead of the standard white pool surface, aggregate offers a plaster that sparkles for luxurious looking waters and a beautiful poolside view.

Built-In Seating
From bars to islands, privacy nooks to social benches, built-in seating is a great option to accommodate your guests seating needs. By offering a variety of places to sit, your pool can become a stellar location for socializing, all without ever having to get out of the water!

Natural Stone Elements
From coping to water features, decking to other uses, incorporating natural stone elements into your own private oasis brings a timelessness and attractive quality to your outdoor environment. Natural stone is a great way to bring in natural elements to set the stage for a relaxing and reinvigorating backyard space.