What to Know About Pool Scuppers and Other Water Features

Pool scuppers are a great and inexpensive way to incorporate a water feature into a pool design that will bring the auditory and visual benefits of moving water to your backyard. The word “scupper” was borrowed from nautical parlance where it describes the openings or slots on a boat deck that allow water to drain off. In a pool, they work much the same way but are designed to channel that draining effect back into the pool through mechanisms that manipulate ... Read more

Pool Coping Explained

There are so many details in every pool that we often don’t stop to fully digest all of the small parts that contribute to a functioning backyard oasis. While the explanation for most parts of a pool fall along the lines of “they just have to be there,” it is always important to take a moment and explore how you can go about being a better caretaker of your backyard investment. One of these often overlooked parts is pool coping. Coping is ... Read more

Fall Pool Prep

It is a good idea to start preparing now for the fall and winter pool shutdown so that it can is an easy and successful process. Chemical Balance The first and most critical step in preparing your pool for the winter is to make sure the water is chemically balanced for a dormant period. Start out by removing any debris from your pool like leaves or grass that can swing your pool chemistry from one extreme to the other. Then test your pH, ... Read more

Popular Poolside Additions to End the Summer

With one more solid month of summer ahead of us, it is not too late to think about updating some of your poolside accessories and design features to create some visual interest and enhance the beauty of your outdoor environment. Lighting Great poolside lighting can mean the difference between a plain and unexciting ambience and a truly unique and warm environment that can be enjoyed by friends and family. LED lights have become commonplace and provide for a variety of color and setting ... Read more

Today’s Pool Design Trends

Design trends in the pool building industry have changed and advanced tremendously over time. At Signature Pools, we are noticing some particularly interesting and popular trends recently. Here are a few of the examples we’ve taken note of: Designing With Nature As society has trended towards more environmental conservation, so too have pool designs. Pool owners and pool builders are beginning to bring to fruition designs that incorporate the natural world both in aesthetics and in functionality. Features like native, water-wise landscaping are in ... Read more

Pools for Outdoor Living

Most pool owners do a lot more around their pool than just swim. They sunbathe they BBQ, they entertain guests, and they more often than not just take their shoes off to relax. What we are seeing more and more often in new pool designs is a demand to take this “poolside living area” to the next level with design features and upgrades that turn a backyard pool into a second living room that can be used all year round. Here ... Read more

Pool Pump Upgrades to Get Ready for Swimming Season

With spring fully underway, it is the perfect time to begin thinking about the right pool equipment upgrades necessary to get your pool ready for the summer swimming season. One particular piece of equipment that deserves attention this time of year is the pump, the very heart of a pool’s circulatory system. If your pool is still running on the pump that it came with 20 years ago, it might be time to consider an upgrade. There are a couple of ... Read more

The Pool and Spa Combo = Perfection

Uniting the best of two worlds, the pool and spa combination is one of Signature Pools most popular builds. Available in customizable formats, including a pool and spa in the same yard delivers both the luxurious benefits of swimming and splashing around with your family and friends, with the added bonus of a relaxing hot soak. With many different options, two of the most popular methods for including both of these amenities are: Flush A flush pool and spa is a system in ... Read more

Common Mistakes

It’s true that everyone makes mistakes but recognizing and learning from your errors can help you take better care of your beautiful pool. At Signature Pools, our professional team is standing by and available to help you navigate the complicated world of pool ownership. To help, here is a list of common mistakes we’ve seen: Daytime Shocking Adding chlorine to your pool helps remove chloramines (dead chlorine) and is mostly done during a process called shocking. Where many people make a mistake is ... Read more

Weathering Winter: Off Season Tips

In Texas, we have relatively mild winters. For your pool, this means that you may not entirely close down for the season. Providing the right care for your investment is a great way to ensure a successful opening when our warm weather hits. In the meantime, several tips for weathering winter for your pool include: • Algaecide It is recommended to add an algaecide mid-winter or an algaestat (preventative) to avoid the possibility of algae growth during the off-use season. • Prep For Freezing If ... Read more
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