Inspiration From Our Project Gallery

This summer is going to be hot and one way to make it through the Texas heat is by jumping in a cool and refreshing pool. Not only a great way to help hit the reset button on your mind and body, a beautiful backyard pool can set the stage for many great interactions including entertaining family and friends, hosting backyard barbecues and pool parties, or lounging solo with a great book and a cold drink. To help you get inspiration ... Read more

Why Add Water Features

At Signature Pools, we believe in harnessing the healing powers of water. Both immersion in a pool or spa and the relaxing sounds water can make can work wonders to help melt away the stress that occurs in our daily lives. With a range of beautiful and functional water features that can be incorporated into your pool design, here are a few of our favorite items that can amplify the many benefits of water: Scuppers Typically built into wall areas surrounding your pool ... Read more

Set for Spring

It’s officially one of the most exciting times of the year, spring! With warm weather here, now is the perfect time to open your pool for the season. To ensure a clean and safe swimming experience, here’s what you need to do to properly open your pool: Pool Cover If you keep your pool covered in the off-season, you will need to drain the water off the top, remove the cover from your pool, clean it properly and allow it to dry before ... Read more

Prepping Your Patio Area for Summer

Spending time getting your patio and backyard area prepped and primed for the outdoor season may take a bit of work but entertaining, relaxing, and being able to make the most of your patio and pool area is pivotal in creating great lasting memories. When setting out to tackle your space to enhance your backyard experience, at Signature Pools, we recommend the following to-do list: Pressure Wash the Patio After the long cold season, the reality is that your patio or deck area ... Read more

Update Your Pool Technology This Spring

Now that winter is on its way out, it is time to look ahead and start planning for your best swimming season yet. Before you open your pool for spring, consider when you last updated your pool technology. Make this swimming season the easiest yet with these technology updates that allow your pool to almost run itself while you sit back and enjoy yourself. Efficient Pumps If you are looking to save energy and money, installing a high efficiency pump may be the ... Read more

All About Rocks: The Benefits of Natural Elements Near Your Pool

When it comes to creating a seamless landscape that effortlessly integrates and unites your pool and yard into one beautiful atmosphere, this can be executed by harnessing the enchanting and atmospheric quality of rocks. Here are several ideas to consider when planning out your ideal outdoor oasis to include natural rock elements: Waterfalls There’s nothing better than the sound of a waterfall to induce relaxation. Combining various shapes and colors of rocks can create a unique visual highlight for your backyard while accentuating ... Read more

Lighting Options for Your Pool

As we wait for the spring weather to hit, now is an excellent time to consider what you need to do in order to prep your pool for prime swimming season. Whether you are thinking about remodeling your existing pool, starting a completely new project from scratch, or considering  small seasonal upgrades, lighting is an essential element for all of these categories to establish ambiance and mood to help you relax and enjoy your pool once it’s opened. There are several different ... Read more

Starving Out Algae: Alternative Approach

Algae blooms can be a great detriment to your pool and can also be incredibly difficult to get rid of completely once present in your waters. As a single-cell plant that is able to live in and out of water, it can adapt to a variety of conditions making it a nuisance and headache to treat. Over the years, a new approach to treating algae blooms has been gaining interest as an alternative to the typical chemical treatments. This new school of ... Read more

The Link Between Stress Reduction and Water

We all know how calming and relaxing it can be to sit on the beach and listen to the waves roll in. Or better yet, the soothing noise of a babbling brook and how it can ease you into a state of meditation. Lately, theres’s been a proliferation of white noise applications available for your smartphone that play a variety of thunderstorms or waterfall noises to assist you in relaxing and releasing life’s daily stresses. When it comes to the link ... Read more

How to Prep Your Pool to Weather Storms

Once winter gives way to spring, storm season opens and although it can be fun to watch the magnificence of nature, spring storms can wreak havoc on your pool. By preparing a plan in advance for the different issues that can arise, you can better protect your investment to weather the wind, rain, and other elements that mother nature can bring. Here’s how you can prepare your pool and patio for this year’s storm season so that when a storm hits, ... Read more
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