Remodel Considerations

When it comes to your backyard, you should be able to enjoy a beautiful outdoor space that helps you relax and brings you pleasure in life. If what you currently have isn’t doing it for you, considering a remodel may be just what you need in order to achieve the backyard of your dreams. At Signature Pools of Texas, we can help you transform your existing pool to fit your lifestyle. A few consideration on how we can make the change ... Read more

Pool Friendly Landscaping

A backyard pool is not complete without a well-designed and properly implemented landscape surrounding it. This includes everything from the types of plants and mulch used in surrounding garden beds, to the types of material used in the pool’s deck. It is important to recognize though that a successful poolside landscaping design has just as much to do with pool maintenance as it does with looks and aesthetics. This is because not all decking materials, plants, or garden bed material behave ... Read more

The Importance of Good Water Quality

Your swimming pool can be a harbor of illness causing microbes including bacteria and algaes. Maintaining good water quality not only helps keep your pool looking refreshing and clean, it’s important to the safety of your friends and family. To avoid health problems such as eye, ear, nose, and throat infections, pH and chlorine levels should be frequently tested and balanced. The best way to go about maintaining a sparkling pool is to establish good practices around a pool routine. This ... Read more

The Best Fall Pool Party Ideas

The end of summer is closing in and this means the approach of cooler temperatures, autumn colors, outdoor grilling time, and the perfect season for poolside entertaining. There is no better time to clean up your yard and get prepared to host friends and family for a causal gathering or a formal affair. Here are several ideas to help you plan a memorable fall party in your outdoor, poolside oasis: Costume Soiree for Halloween Get into the fall spirit by hosting a themed Halloween ... Read more

Early Fall: Best Time to Build a Pool

As summer winds down and the evening temperatures start to cool off, now is the perfect time to build the pool of your dreams. At Signature Pools of Texas, we can help bring your pool ideas to fruition. With over 20 years of swimming pool experience, our methods far exceed industry standards. Here are several reasons why early fall is the best time to build a pool: Guaranteed full season for spring and summer Less delays due to predictable weather Don’t have to worry ... Read more

The Basics of Pool Chemistry

Google When it comes to understanding your pool’s water chemistry, it can feel a bit overwhelming at first. That is why at Signature Pools, we’ve created this easy cheat sheet to help you get a grasp on the ABCs of what you need to know in order to maintain a properly balanced pool. To start, there are five chemical levels that you should be aware of: Free Chlorine Otherwise referred to as FC, free chlorine is the amount of disinfecting chlorine sanitizer that keeps your ... Read more

Making the Best of the Summer Season with Your Pool

Google With temperatures hitting the summer highs, it’s the perfect weather for swimming and backyard fun. In order to make the most of the season, here are a few friendly tips for how you can keep your poolside oasis prepped for the busy season: Check Your Levels Ensuring that your pool’s water levels are at the appropriate mark is an easy task to forget. At least once or twice a month, it is important to make sure that your water is at its optimum ... Read more

Signature Pools of Texas’ Summer Specials

Summer Specials are here to help make building and maintaining your pool easier on you and your budget! Signature Pools of Texas has 20 years of experience in pool building, and we know what it takes to make the process of the build to the everyday use of your pool an enjoyable one. Do you have an idea of what you want your pool to look and feel like, but need a little help putting your thoughts on paper? We are ... Read more

Prepping Your Pool and Yard for Party Season

Tis the season for backyard swimming, grilling out by the BBQ, and hosting outdoor family dinners and neighborhood parties. What better time than the present to get your pool prepped for party season? With the help of Signature Pools of Texas, you can make your backyard the place to be this summer. Taking Stock You might have noticed that over the winter and spring, age and the elements have taken a toll on your pool and patio area. Perhaps you see cracking or ... Read more

Common Pool Pitfalls

With the arrival of summer and its corresponding climbing temperatures, prime swimming season is finally here! In order to ensure that your waters are sparkling, clean, and ready for diving in, here’s a handy list from the professionals at Signature Pools of Texas to help you troubleshoot any potential issues and steer you clear of the common pool pitfalls that can put the brakes on you and your family’s rest and relaxation time. Algae From green to black, pink to mustard colored, algae ... Read more
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