Planning for the Future of Your Pool

The new pool is installed, the landscaping is complete, the pump and filter controls are programmed, and now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to keep this backyard amenity going for the life of your home. There are a ton of pool maintenance companies out there offering a multitude of services from regular cleaning to seasonal maintenance and for the most part, it is highly recommended that you consider a service contract with the right professional to protect your investment. It is also highly recommended that you get your hands wet and learn to perform several routine processes at regular intervals that will keep your pool in optimal swimming conditions in between visits from the pros. By establishing and maintaining a proper pool maintenance routine, you can avoid spending excess time and money in caring for your swimming pool. Consider the following regular activities that you can easily incorporate into your general home upkeep routine:

            Debris Removal/Skimming

  • There are a number of poll mounted nets and automatic vacuuming pool cleaners on the market that are terrific at keeping dirt and debris off of the surface and bottom of your pool. Regular debris removal makes your water look cleaner and it aids in proper functioning of your filtering equipment and the performance of your pool chemicals. 

            Filter Cleaning

  • Filter cleaning and pump pressure regulation are two of the most important activities that you could add to regular maintenance routine. When a pool filter gets dirty, the added material builds up and begins to affect the pump pressure. Depending on your system, you can either remove the filter cartridge and clean it manually, or backwash the line to clear it of any dirt and debris.


  • Shocking might sound extreme but it just means the regular replenishing of free chlorine in your pool and it is recommended to be done once a week, especially during times of high pool use. Shocking is typically done through the direct addition of powdered chlorine to the pool water. For this reason, it is recommended that swimming not be allowed for at least one full night so that the pump and filter can properly circulate the added chemicals throughout the water.

            Water Testing

  • It is recommended to test your pool water 1-2 times a week in order to keep your water at its optimal balanced levels. You can also take your water to your local pool supply store where they will happily test your water for you!

Don’t let this list overwhelm you! These easy and routine maintenance steps are a great way to get you out by the pool more often. After all, what better incentive to jump in and enjoy the pool than having spent a little time keeping your water clean and clear.