Pool Coping Explained

There are so many details in every pool that we often don’t stop to fully digest all of the small parts that contribute to a functioning backyard oasis. While the explanation for most parts of a pool fall along the lines of “they just have to be there,” it is always important to take a moment and explore how you can go about being a better caretaker of your backyard investment.

One of these often overlooked parts is pool coping. Coping is the cap for the edge of where your pool is mounted on its bond beam. Functionally, this part of your pool keeps water from entering the space behind the pool shell and provides something to grab onto for swimmers.

Aesthetically, coping provides a design opportunity to incorporate different building materials into the transition space between the pool bottom and the deck surface. AT Signature Pools we often see coping cast in concrete and made to completely match the bottom and deck materials, or cut out from natural stone, tile, or wood as an accent material.

Material types vary in texture and can improve the grip on the edge of the pool, something that families with children find to be most important. Coping can come in either a square or bull-edged finish, with the smoother and rounded bull-edge being another family friendly detail.

Now that you know the ins and outs of coping, go out to your pool and inspect yours. Make sure the seam that joins the coping to the deck in flush and there are no cracks in the bonding material that might let water in. If you ever have any questions about the condition of your coping, call your pool builder or a local pool expert and ask them to come out for an inspection. If you are in the Houston area, we offer repair service that are second to none. Give us a call.