Pools for Outdoor Living

Most pool owners do a lot more around their pool than just swim. They sunbathe they BBQ, they entertain guests, and they more often than not just take their shoes off to relax. What we are seeing more and more often in new pool designs is a demand to take this “poolside living area” to the next level with design features and upgrades that turn a backyard pool into a second living room that can be used all year round. Here are a few key areas to consider when designing a poolside living space.

Outdoor Kitchen

This means so much more than just parking a grill next to the pool. When we say outdoor kitchen, we mean just that, and we see designs and setups that rival what most pool owners have inside. With the ease of installing propane and natural gas lines to various cooking instruments like grills, stoves, and ovens, it is easier than ever to create a full kitchen for entertaining guests or just making dinner for the family. Throw in a refrigerator and an icemaker and you might just not ever cook inside again.

Seating Matters

Comfort and alignment are key when designing your seating arrangement for a poolside living space. Consider using multi-pieced L-shaped sectionals that encourage those seated to look at and converse with one another. Fireplaces or pits are a great feature in the middle of an outdoor seating area to keep you and your family or guests warm on a cool winter night, or just as a beautiful visual centerpiece that can be used year round. Both gas and wood burning options are available depending on your preference or local regulations.

Water Features

During the non-summer months, the outdoor kitchen and outdoor seating areas are absolutely still useful but the water in the pool tends to take a back seat. Unless of course it is designed to serve as water feature during the non-summer months. Fountains and waterfalls are great little details that transform a typical pool into a babbling brook or a gentle stream to heighten the relaxing ambience of your poolside living space.