Popular Poolside Additions to End the Summer

With one more solid month of summer ahead of us, it is not too late to think about updating some of your poolside accessories and design features to create some visual interest and enhance the beauty of your outdoor environment.


Great poolside lighting can mean the difference between a plain and unexciting ambience and a truly unique and warm environment that can be enjoyed by friends and family. LED lights have become commonplace and provide for a variety of color and setting options in ultra energy efficient bulbs that can serve a number of different purposes. Outside of a pool, LED string lights can be strung from the eaves of your home or wrapped around a prominent tree trunk to accent your dynamic property features.


There are a number of excellent shade options on the market to match any style, including everything from simple, moveable umbrella to more permanent canopies and shade sails. Selecting what will work best for your poolside environment depends greatly on the size of your pool, the orientation of any seating arrangements, and other outdoor living accessories – like a kitchen!  Shade sails are great for the shallow end of a pools in a yard that lacks tall trees or shrubs to provide shade. A simply designed pergola is also a fun addition that offers better shading for backyard seating areas exposed to full sun.


While lighting and shade are relatively quick projects that provide immediate aesthetic gains, it is worth looking into more permanent design changes that will deliver long term benefits. There are various options on the market today that are a long way from a simple concrete deck with tile coping. High quality wooden decks bring a warm and natural building material to bear that contrasts beautifully with the crystal blue of the water. Concrete pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to create interesting visual mosaics. The design options are endless. If you are looking to spruce up your poolside environment, a new deck may be the way to go.