Popular Swimming Pool Trends of the Last Year

Swimming pool designs and features experience changing trends every year just like clothing, jewelry, and cars. Sometimes trends are motivated by what is popular in the media at the time and they often vary by region. This year, there are three particular trends that have become popular across the country and that we have seen a lot of in our repair and remodel projects.

DSCN0167Fire and Water

Two forces of nature, oppositional in most respects, but perfectly complimentary when held side by side. This is a trend that blends style with functionality. Visually, fire pits, fireplaces, and chimineas provide natural light that when reflected off of a pool surface, make for a warm glowing mood. With pools typically being covered up and shutdown when temperatures drop, fire features also serve to extend the poolside season well beyond the summer months.


Energy Efficiency

Everything and everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious these days, and that is a good thing. Tough economic times and dwindling resources have shown us all that while we can enjoy our wonderful modern lifestyles, we must take the health and longevity of our environment into consideration. That is why energy efficient pumping and santation systems have become one of the most popular new trends in swimming pool designs. Systems like these combine state of the art automation with more advanced cleaning systems that result in the use of fewer chemicals and less water to achieve the same crystal clear effect that you expect in a well maintained pool.

Poolside LivingScreen Shot 2013-08-20 at 3.03.01 PM

Pools are increasingly becoming the center of family social life. And why not? They require a significant financial investment so should be put to use as much as possible.  That is why more and more pool owners are looking to install outdoor living spaces. These designs range from simple lawn furniture to comfortable and covered living rooms complete with couches and fireplaces. To go the extra mile, think about an outdoor kitchen and you won’t ever have to leave the pool again!

The great thing about trends is that they are always changing. Think about getting creative in 2014 and starting some new poolside trends of your own.