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The possibilities are endless with our custom designed pools.

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Doyle ledge spa waterfall Doyle night pool

Doyle overhead pool  Doyle night spa
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A 25 ton moss rock waterfall provides a dramatic backdrop for this natural beauty. Several unique features are found within this design. A reverse vanishing edge spa flows into the pool. This spa is unique in that it is surrounded by the pool's water on all sides. Imagine a small pool inside of a larger body of water. A large rectangle stone ledge provides a bridge-like access from the deck to the spa. Located along the left side of the spa are three plastered and tiled bar stools. A huge beach entrance was designed with several ideas in mind; small children at play, tanning, and a "cooling off” area without getting into the deep water. This feature also creates a feeling of "natural existence” among the backdrop of landscape and moss rocks. You'll be captivated at night as well when this natural beauty transforms into a high-tech illumination of fiber optic and spectrum lighting.