Preparing for Fall

As the summer winds down yet again and we head into cooler temperatures, now is a great time to enjoy your outdoor environment. To compensate for the approaching changes in weather, there are a few things to be aware of to help your pool stay happy and healthy throughout autumn.

Upkeep Water Conditions
The busy season of the summer requires constant attention. Your pool’s use may see a slight decline into fall but it’s still important to keep your water healthy and clear. At Signature Pools, we recommend hiring a professional service to keep you on track or else create a pool schedule tuned for fall to help you stay on track. Good water chemistry is key for swimming in a refreshing and sanitized environment.

Shifting Schedule
As mentioned above, sticking to a regular pool care routine is the only surefire way to protect your investment.  Due to the change in weather and in daylight hours, you can safely adjust the hours you run your pool’s system.

Attention to Leaves
Along with the change in weather comes a change to local foliage. While the changing leaves can be beautiful, they can also wreck havoc on your pool equipment. Now, more than ever, is a time when diligence and commitment to removing debris from your pool can help you navigate around potential damage. Since debris and organic matters can sink and cause staining, stay on top of removing these things daily!

Review Safety
Another excellent move for the new season is to take a moment to review pool safety at your house, The transition from season to season marks the perfect occasion to do a double check that all of your pool equipment is in proper working order. Conducting a safety audit of all equipment, the pool deck and area, and your outdoor space is a cautious but safe procedure to help you and your loved ones navigate obstacles.

Enjoy Yourself
Not everything is work! One of the biggest ways to prepare for fall is to get outdoors and relish the crisper temperatures. Whether early morning, mid day, or late evening, getting out into the sun and simply enjoying the changes a new season brings can help you relax and live in the moment.