Prepping Your Patio Area for Summer

Spending time getting your patio and backyard area prepped and primed for the outdoor season may take a bit of work but entertaining, relaxing, and being able to make the most of your patio and pool area is pivotal in creating great lasting memories. When setting out to tackle your space to enhance your backyard experience, at Signature Pools, we recommend the following to-do list:

Pressure Wash the Patio
After the long cold season, the reality is that your patio or deck area has probably accumulated dirt and debris. Instead of worrying about tracking it into the house all year, we’ve got a solution, a pressure washer. As one of the most effective ways to remove residue from surfaces, a pressure washer can leave your deck or patio area clean and fresh looking. Of course, if a pressure washer isn’t an option, a good old-fashioned wash down with a hose can also do the trick. Make sure to turn the water on high blast to get the dirt out of all of the nooks and crannies.

Damage Patrol
Once you’ve rinsed the deck area, take a quick survey for any damage that may have occurred over winter. For cement or brick surfaces, look for cracks or crumbling areas that will need to be patched with compounds. For wood, check for any areas that are splintering that need sanding attention. Spring is a great time to resurface your patio area too if you want to update the look and feel of your space.

Prepping Furniture
Next, a quick cleaning visit should be paid to your outdoor furniture. Similar to your deck, your furniture should also receive a good wash with soapy water, a rinse, and a toweling off to remove dirt build up. If you have cushions in storage, after sprucing up your furniture these can be brought out to encourage relaxation.

Landscaping Attention
Pruning, mulching, weeding, trimming and more, give a little TLC to your landscaping that includes removing any decaying plant material and cutting back any overgrown trees and bushes that overcrowd your deck area. While you are at it, check your sprinkler system to ensure your plant life will stay hydrated once the higher temperatures hit.

Pool Time
If you haven’t already opened your pool, now is the perfect time. Make sure to follow the appropriate steps you need to take to get your family and friends swimming in your sparkling blue waters.

Safety and Equipment Check
One of the last things to do before you officially announce prime outdoor time is a safety and equipment check. Protect your family and guests by making sure you’ve taken all of the appropriate precautions including properly storing dangerous tools, chemicals, or equipment in your yard. Inspect fences for security and do a double-check that all of your pool equipment is up to date and functioning correctly!