Prepping Your Pool and Yard for Party Season

Tis the season for backyard swimming, grilling out by the BBQ, and hosting outdoor family dinners and neighborhood parties. What better time than the present to get your pool prepped for party season? With the help of Signature Pools of Texas, you can make your backyard the place to be this summer.

Taking Stock
You might have noticed that over the winter and spring, age and the elements have taken a toll on your pool and patio area. Perhaps you see cracking or chipping in the plaster, or even peeling and fading areas of the decking. Take a good look, examine the damage that exists and what projects are necessary to achieve a dream-like yard, and make a list of what you’d like to accomplish. You should also check in on your pool equipment to make sure that everything is properly functioning and running at optimum levels to save you future headache and hassle.

Gather Inspiration
When considering bringing your backyard dreams to fruition, it’s critical to collect design inspiration to help you articulate your likes and dislikes. Do you prefer modern and contemporary designs or geometric and classical poolscapes? How about landscaping? Do you go for lush and green or are you interested in native xeriscaping designs?

Set a Course of Action


At Signature Pools of Texas, we bring years of experience to help you redesign or remodel your existing pool to fit your lifestyle. Some of our past projects include redoing tile and coping, resurface and re-plastering of pools, and adding water features like natural rock waterfalls or copper scuppers for a full-fledged spa-like upgrade. Whatever style you settle on, we can help you bring your plan into action.


As national certified and factory trained technicians, Signature Pools is happy to do the work of repairing and servicing your pool. Whether its performing equipment repairs on heaters, filters, pumps, cleaners, or chlorinators, or draining and cleaning out entire pools, you let us know what we can do to get your yard primed for party season.


As all pool equipment ages, oftentimes what’s missing from your yard is the latest in technology. If you want to update your pool equipment to include cutting edge industry changes like using your iPad or iPhone to control your pool settings or adding spectacular colored pool lighting, we can help bring you up to speed on the latest trends and innovations.

Getting the backyard and pool ready for BBQ and party season can be an exciting time to bring some style to the summer. Regardless of your budget, take the opportunity to get inspired and let your creativity loose.