Remodel Considerations

When it comes to your backyard, you should be able to enjoy a beautiful outdoor space that helps you relax and brings you pleasure in life. If what you currently have isn’t doing it for you, considering a remodel may be just what you need in order to achieve the backyard of your dreams. At Signature Pools of Texas, we can help you transform your existing pool to fit your lifestyle. A few consideration on how we can make the change you need:

-Resurfacing or Re-plastering
The first step in resurfacing or re-plastering a pool is to get rid of the previous exterior finish. This is typically done by either chipping away or sandblasting the old surface material off. The new application of fiberglass or plaster can then be applied to give your pool a fresh, clean, and inviting look.

-Tile and Coping
Replacing the tile and coping is typically done at the same time for ease and convenience. Coping refers to the lip around the edge of the pool that minds the space between the tile in the pool and any surface decking. When it comes to coping, there are many materials to choose from including brick and stone. A new selection of tile also does wonders to give your pool a new feel. Tile in pools serves the purpose of ensuring that the pool water level line doesn’t leave a mark on the pool surface material.

-Water Features
A new addition to your yard can help the whole project feel exciting! At Signature Pools, we suggest adding a water feature during a remodel like a rock waterfall or scuppers to add visual diversity and intrigue.

-Spa Addition
Need we say more? One great way to jazz up your yard is by adding a spa. Long soaks in hot water are the perfect way to end a stressful day, reconnect with family, or entertain friends.

-Deck Addition or Resurfacing
Another element that can enhance your current yard is a resurfacing treatment of your deck or addition of a new deck area. Besides a beautiful surface to walk on or lounge beside, decks go a long way to play up your property!

There are many reasons to remodel your backyard pool and the changes we can help you make can elevate your backyard lifestyle. Let us do the work so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your outdoor environment in the comfortable space of your home!