Signature Pools of Texas’ Summer Specials

Summer Specials are here to help make building and maintaining your pool easier on you and your budget! Signature Pools of Texas has 20 years of experience in pool building, and we know what it takes to make the process of the build to the everyday use of your pool an enjoyable one. Do you have an idea of what you want your pool to look and feel like, but need a little help putting your thoughts on paper? We are here to help. Whether your backyard design calls for a pool with sleek, straight lines or a pool with curves to fit a particular space, we have the design for you. To help you make your decision, we currently have the following 4 designs on sale starting at $35,000.


13′ – 19′ – 32′
89′ Perimeter
Area 460 sq. ft.
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15’ x 30’
89’ Perimeter
Area 440 sq. ft.
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16′ x 34′
95′ Perimeter
Area 500 sq. ft.
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16’ x 32’
88’ Perimeter
Area 460 sq. ft.
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Building a pool is a great way to ensure you will enjoy this swimming season, but have you thought about how you will keep the pool of your dreams clean? When you build a pool with us this summer, and purchase a Paramount PCC-2000 In-Floor Cleaning System, we will add step and bench nozzles for free! This is a $500 value. We want our clients spending more time relaxing or playing in their new pool rather than cleaning it.

The PCC-2000 guarantees that it will clean more than 99% of your pool with it’s nozzle and debris collection zone. The system starts with nozzles placed strategically around your pool’s walls, floors, steps and benches. These nozzles are systematically activated by a hydraulic water distribution valve. Water is pushed by the valves toward the debris collection zone that is positioned across the deepest part of your pool. This zone contains fixed nozzles and jets that push the debris towards the drain. Once the debris is collected, it is sent to an optional canister for easy removal. When the cleaning rotation is done, the nozzles fall back into the pool making them hard to notice.

This summer turn your vision of your dream pool into a reality with our Summer Specials. Save money and know that your pool will do it’s part to make you backyard pool experience a great one.