Spending the Holidays Poolside

For many of you across the country, the fall has already brought on that first cold snap and you have begun to get your heads into the winter mindset. Lucky for us down here in Texas, there is no telling when the weather will get cold which is why it is looking like this holiday season is shaping up to present the perfect opportunity for poolside celebrations. Thanksgiving by the pool? That does sound crazy but it might just be crazy enough to make for a fantastic get together. The benefit of hosting this coming holiday dinner poolside is that your watery backyard oasis provides the perfect backdrop for three elements of a successful party: fire, food, and festivities.


If you do not already have one, a fire pit or a chiminea are excellent poolside accessories. They provide for a safe, above ground, and contained outdoor fire to keep you and your guests entertained throughout the night. A fire pit is also a great way to provide a warmly lit glow to your dinner party. Use your pool lighting and surrounding landscape lights to illuminate surrounding trees and natural elements for added ambiance.


Turkey dinner is great but that same old dried out bird in the oven is in need of a serious upgrade. This year, consider moving dinner prep to the poolside grill. Most supermarkets offer broken down turkey parts like split breasts, thighs, and legs that are more conveniently placed on a grill top. They can be marinated just like chicken and paired with grilled vegetables for a tasty and healthier holiday dinner.


And by festivities we mean music!! Everyone knows that music sounds better outside, bouncing off of the trees and the stars, and in the open air. Turning on your poolside sound system will turn your next Thanksgiving into an event to remember. Imagine stuffing yourself on dinner and dancing it all off the rest of the night.

Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season are times for family and traditions. Weather permitting; why not make some new traditions this year by celebrating poolside!