Striking Balance

Harmony is integral to a balanced backyard setting. At Signature Pools, we specialize in helping to make your dream space come to fruition complete with a custom pool and tranquil landscaping. Paramount to our dedication is a sense of balance and a special place to relax that is tailored to your wants and needs.
At Signature Pools, we create a unique space just for you. Several of the things we consider when striving for balance include:

-What activities do you like to do? Are you geared more towards busyness and looking to use your outdoor environment as a play zone or do you want a tranquil space for cultivating a space for relaxation?

-How do you expect to grow into your house? Making a plan for your current and future use of your property can deliver keen insights into including features that your family can grow into.

-What are important features you’d like included in your dream space? From custom pools to barbeque pits, rock water falls to small gardens, there are so many possibilities to create the reality you want.

-How important is privacy? Depending upon your house location, there are certain ways to play up your backyard privacy or if you are a super social person, designing and installing your pool as central feature for your next party may be the route you want to go.

-Do you prefer to swim for exercise or are you looking for a relaxing soak? This may help whittle down if you’d prefer to go with a larger pool or a smaller hot tub to satisfy your needs.

-How much time do you anticipate spending on backyard maintenance? This is important in regards to setting you up for success to maintain your outdoor lifestyle. From garden items to pool care, knowing what you are getting into is central to sustaining a happy and healthy backyard or enlisting the help of professionals to perform the necessary tasks for you!

As a Houston based company with over 20 years of experience, we believe that approaching each individual project holistically can aid in delivering you the results you want now that you’ll be happy with for years to come!