The Art of Remodeling

One way to change up your existing pool is through a remodel. At Signature Pools of Texas, this process is unique to each individual project. As a great way to transform your backyard environment by adding new elements of value and aesthetics, remodeling requires an artful approach to make your current space fit your backyard lifestyle.

Several examples of items that can be addressed are as follows:

Tile and Coping
Pool coping is the material that shows above water around the top edge of a pool that provides a finished look. With many different options including cantilever, bullnose brick, custom stonework, pre-cast coping, and receptor among others, updating your coping can help your pool feel renewed. Also new tile work is a great way to introduce a fresh look to your existing project especially if you have cracked or chipped tiles.

Resurfacing or Re-plastering
Another great way to update your current pool situation is through the process of resurfacing or re-plastering your pool. At Signature Pools, we use a variety of surfaces including aggregate and marcite as well as the traditional plaster surface. A fresh surface or new plaster layer can transform your pool and bring your look up to date.

Water Features
With a plethora of options, spicing up your project with a waterfall, water scuppers, a fountain or other water feature is a fun way to bring new ambient noise and visual diversity to your space.

Spa Addition
Adding something new like a spa is another way to rev up your backyard. With long hot soaks to ease sore muscles, help encourage relaxation, and provide the perfect place for good conversations with friends and family, adding a spa to your existing set-up can reinvigorate your outdoor time.

Deck Refinishing or Addition
Either resurfacing or refinishing your existing deck or adding on a completely new section, make the most of your property by creating a stunning yet functional backyard space that you can entertain, lounge, and dine comfortably on.

If you need inspiration for your remodeling project, check out our extensive custom pool portfolio for ideas or start the discussion for your remodeling process today!