The Benefits of Built-Ins

One new trend we’ve seen emerge in recent years that we’re huge fans of is a variety of built-in options. Not only is this a convenient way to entertain comfortably, built-in seating in a pool can serve a variety of purposes.  Several of our favorite examples include:

  • Conversation Nook/Grotto
    The perfect space for an intimate conversation or catching up with an old friend, a submerged conversation nook is a great way to add functionality to your swimming environment plus you can keep your conversations going without having to leave the refreshing environment of your pool!
  • Custom Entry
    Way better than normal steps or a ladder, custom entries are popular gradual walk in slopes into your pool water. Similar to walking into the ocean, a slow entry into your pool is the perfect place to wade in.
  • In Water Bench and Table
    It sounds crazy but trust us, it works! A flat surface island surrounded by seating is key for any pool party. Perfect for appetizers, drinks, games or more, essentially you have the perfect spot for dining right in your own water. Add an umbrella and it’s a comfortable way to enjoy your pool.
  • Swim Up Bar
    This feature has long been a big hit for the hospitality market, it’s recently started appearing in individual’s private pool designs. Swim up bars usually feature underwater seating but the specifics of your bar is up to you.
  • Sun Bathing Lounger
    A ledge area that offers a large swath of shallow pool area is perfect for catching some sun or just lounging back and reading a book. This feature provides the enjoyment of being partially in the water for a feeling that is refreshing and functional.

    When it comes to options for your pool, the sky is the limit! Talk to one of our professional team members about getting started on your pool planning process today!