The Importance of Good Water Quality

Your swimming pool can be a harbor of illness causing microbes including bacteria and algaes. Maintaining good water quality not only helps keep your pool looking refreshing and clean, it’s important to the safety of your friends and family. To avoid health problems such as eye, ear, nose, and throat infections, pH and chlorine levels should be frequently tested and balanced.

The best way to go about maintaining a sparkling pool is to establish good practices around a pool routine. This means that each day you should check your swimming pool water to ensure a clean pool. When doing this, ask yourself several questions:

• How does your water look? Visually compare you pool water at the same time of day, each day.
• Are there any noticeable changes in color or clarity?
• Can you see the bottom?
• How is your water level?

Backyards are full of rich sources of contaminants for your pool, from guests swimming, pets paddling around, debris from landscaping like leaves, grass, and pollen, and insects, these materials make their way into your waters and start to breakdown which introduces microbes and bacteria.

General suggestions from our professionals to help you maintain good water quality include:

-Brushing and vacuuming on a regular basis
-Adjust chlorine levels immediately as needed
-Routinely check equipment for functionality
-Empty baskets and change filters on regular basis
-Check pH and chlorine levels each day before the first swim

The keys to maintaining a beautiful pool include filtration, chlorination, pH level, total alkalinity (TA) and calcium hardness. Check out several of our recent blogs for additional information on these topics.

Also, it may be beneficial to have a reminder session to let your family know how they can help keep the backyard pool swim-ready. Be sure to mention that it’s important to try to keep germs out of the water. This means that you shouldn’t swim when sick, should get out of the pool to use the restroom, wash hands after using said restroom, and if possible, take a shower before hopping in the pool if you’ve been doing sweaty work! After all, everyone wants to enjoy a nice dip in a refreshing pool and these tips are meant to help you enjoy the delights of owning your own private backyard oasis!