The Link Between Stress Reduction and Water

We all know how calming and relaxing it can be to sit on the beach and listen to the waves roll in. Or better yet, the soothing noise of a babbling brook and how it can ease you into a state of meditation. Lately, theres’s been a proliferation of white noise applications available for your smartphone that play a variety of thunderstorms or waterfall noises to assist you in relaxing and releasing life’s daily stresses. When it comes to the link between stress and water noises, there seems to be much evidence that natural sounds can help your brain and body let go of tension and relax. At Signature Pools of Texas, we believe that you can help lower your stress levels and give yourself a much needed energy boost by adding an auditory approach to your outdoor environment.

Waterfalls and Fountains
By adding a water noise element to your pool project, you may be able to harvest the benefits of diminishing the multitude of low frequency sounds you absorb throughout the day from your computer, phone, florescent lights, and other everyday technologies that can:

-Contribute to sleep problems

-Feed lack of motivation

-Decrease creativity

-Increase risk of heart attack

The benefits of water elements including fountains and waterfalls is the soothing sound these items can bring to your outdoor lifestyle. The auditory experience can aid in relaxing the mind and body while also complementing your outdoor aesthetic and lending a focal point to your yard.

Jumping In
Not only does the sound of water sooth the mind, body, and soul but a nice dip in a beautiful pool does wonders to hit the reset button. After the end of a long workweek, a nice swim can help you refresh, rejuvenate, and relax for a great weekend celebrating you and your loved ones. Whether you seek water out as a form of exercise to tone your muscles in a less straining environment, to improve flexibility, work on breathing, or just give your mind a boost, swimming is an excellent way to provide yourself with some self-nourishment.

At Signature Pools, we encourage each and every one of our clients to get outdoors, enjoy the beautiful weather, and live a great life!