The Pool and Spa Combo = Perfection

Uniting the best of two worlds, the pool and spa combination is one of Signature Pools most popular builds. Available in customizable formats, including a pool and spa in the same yard delivers both the luxurious benefits of swimming and splashing around with your family and friends, with the added bonus of a relaxing hot soak. With many different options, two of the most popular methods for including both of these amenities are:

A flush pool and spa is a system in which the pool and spa appear to share the same water level. This seamlessness is visually appealing for any outdoor space and can boast the ability to share a pool cover during the off-season.


Another option includes the raised spa. For this type of project build, the spa is set above the level of the pool with a connecting spillway that enables water to flow from spa to pool. Elegant and graceful, raised pool and spa combinations help circulate water and maintain good chemistry while boasting the benefits of both worlds.

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