Throwing a Winter Pool Party

We know, it sounds crazy but hear us out. A winter pool party can be a really fun idea if well thought-out. Here are some pointers for making it work.


Theme is important in a winter pool party. It is a great way to set a fun tone for what your guests are already considering an unconventional get together. Think mashups like flannel-luau or black tie long johns that will allow your guests to dress in warm, comfortable, and casual attire.


Warmth is critical for any winter outdoor party. Start by making sure you have plenty of dry wood for your fire pit or chiminea. Augment with standing propane heaters that can be leased from party supply stores for next to nothing. If you have a pool heater, crank it up so that the pool will give off plenty of steam in contrast to the cool winter air. You never know, it might even entice some swimmers! If you have a spa, make sure to turn it on and make sure to have plenty of warm dry towels available for any guests that want to get wet.


Food choices for a winter pool party have to help warm your guest as well. Think hot and hearty options like bowls of chili with an assortment of yummy toppings like shredded cheese, sour cream, fresh jalapenos, and corn chips. Pizza is another great option and eliminates the need for silverware. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can even purchase pizza dough from your favorite Italian restaurant and ask your guests to bring their own assortment of creative toppings for everyone to mix and match.

Lighting and Decoration

A winter pool party is best hosted in the evening so make sure to have plenty of ambient lighting in place. Pool lights are great at reflecting into the sky and illuminating a large portion of your backyard. Choose decorations that are on theme but that definitely guests that they are at a pool party. Think novelty floats in and around the pool and banners or streamers with bright festive colors. Part of the fun of a winter pool party is the juxtaposition of the theme and the season so go wild!

Swimming pools are huge investments that take up a ton of your time and resources to maintain so why limit yourself to enjoying them during one season of the year? Get creative, have fun, and let us know how it goes.