Today’s Pool Design Trends

Design trends in the pool building industry have changed and advanced tremendously over time. At Signature Pools, we are noticing some particularly interesting and popular trends recently. Here are a few of the examples we’ve taken note of:

Designing With Nature

As society has trended towards more environmental conservation, so too have pool designs. Pool owners and pool builders are beginning to bring to fruition designs that incorporate the natural world both in aesthetics and in functionality.

Features like native, water-wise landscaping are in high demand because of the low resource and low maintenance requirements that also allow less nutrient runoff into pools by not requiring the heavy use of herbicides and fertilizers. Regionally sourced building material for decking and coping is also in, as it allows a pool to visually blend into the natural features surrounding a home. From the functional perspective, pool owners are beginning to embrace features like solar water heaters that harness the power of nature to warm the pool during winter months, and ozone generators that sanitize without the need for heavy doses of chlorine and other chemicals.

Designing for Modern Innovation

At the same time, there continues to be a push for simple, cutting edge designs that tend towards clean, angular, and stylish aesthetics. The infinity edge is a perfect example of modern design principles in pool building. By creating the illusion of water floating all the way up to the edge of the pool, this design feature uses the water itself as an innovative boundary that subverts the traditional use of coping, tile, and decking.

Designing for Technology

As is the case in every other area of life, so too has pool design begun to embrace and incorporate the rapid advancements in technology into the functional features available today. One of the most interesting developments is the integration of mobile apps into the operation of every pool and backyard system imaginable from the pumps and heaters, to the lights and waterfalls. Now a pool owner can switch on the mood music, set their waterfall and any other water features to a specific speed, and dim the outdoor lights while they are stuck in traffic in preparation for a relaxing welcome home.

Signature Pools has been in the business of staying ahead of the trends for the last 20 years. For some great insight into what we are building and some even better ideas to stoke your imagination, take a look at our online portfolio.