Toward the Green: On Pentair’s Energy Saving Pool Equipment

In an increasingly “green” society, consumers have become more and more attracted to products that enable them to lead environmentally sustainable lives. This is especially true for swimming pool owners who are not only conscious of their environmental impact but also of the immense cost associated with maintaining a clean and beautiful pool. While there are a lot of pool equipment manufacturers out there, only a few of them have begun to take the calling for more energy efficient pumps and other essential equipment seriously.

Pentair Pool Products is one of those companies and have begun to produce variable speed pumps that are all ENERGY STAR certified. ENERGY STAR certification is a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that encourages manufacturers to develop energy saving products. In the pool equipment industry, pumps must be at least 30-72% more energy efficient than other comparable models in order to qualify. According to Pentair, “variable speed pumps with permanent magnet motors and digital controls can save as much as 90% in utility costs compared to one or two speed pumps with induction motors.” That is a potential annual savings of over $1,500 on a pool owner’s energy bill!

Jeff Farlow, the Program Manager for Energy Initiatives at Pentair, explains quite simply the energy use difference between single speed and variable speed pumps: “Historically, pool pumps with induction motors that run at only one or two speeds have drawn more energy than is required to circulate pool water. That is because a pump that can run at only one speed must use a powerful enough speed to do the pump’s most demanding job (e.g., running a waterfall or pool cleaner). However, it takes far less power to simply keep water filtered—a difference single-speed pumps cannot address.” In addition to energy savings, Jeff also highlights the fact that a slower pump is quieter and will contribute less wear to other pool components like filters, heaters, and chlorinators.

Pentair offers a range of energy saving equipment, tools, and techniques that go far beyond a great pump. Pentair asks that pool owners consider digital automation systems to manage their scheduled cleaning and filtration cycles. The problem with manually setting pool equipment everyday is that sometimes it can be left on automatically or it can be set at incorrect flow rates. An automated system allows a pool owner to take advantage of off-peak utility rates that are typically in effect while they are asleep. There are even some systems that can be monitored remotely from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet device!

Pools do not have to be the giant energy and resource drains that they used to be. With products like variable speed pumps, water conserving filters, and even LED underwater lights, there are a range of equipment options and techniques for the environmentally conscious pool owner to employ that will get the job done and help keep the planet green.