Update Your Pool Technology This Spring

Now that winter is on its way out, it is time to look ahead and start planning for your best swimming season yet. Before you open your pool for spring, consider when you last updated your pool technology. Make this swimming season the easiest yet with these technology updates that allow your pool to almost run itself while you sit back and enjoy yourself.

Efficient Pumps
If you are looking to save energy and money, installing a high efficiency pump may be the answer you are looking for. Available in two-speed, four-speed, and variable-speed models, there are many pumps on the market today that use up to 45% less energy than older, standard pumps. Many of these also come with automatic timers so you can control how often and how long you run your system.

A Good Cover
Not only will a good pool cover save on energy and water costs, but it can also help reduce heating expenses by boosting your waters an average of 10 degrees! Also, by minimizing evaporation, you can also save money on chemicals. Pool covers are great additions to any transitional season.

Converting to Saltwater
An expensive option upfront but potentially cost saving for your pool’s future, many people are transitioning their current chlorine system into a saltwater system. With the benefits of less maintenance and more natural, chemical-free swimming, saltwater pools are great options for those that have difficult time with traditional chlorine levels.

Colored Lights
With the many new lighting options on the market, changing out how you light your pool can add a pop of color and make your swimming pool experience atmospheric and fun. Many of these new systems integrate seamlessly with your current set-up but lend a boost to the mood of your pool to treat your senses to a new experience.

Lastly, a great way to lend a modern aesthetic to your pool and make it feel updated is with a new surface treatment. With many new options on the market besides the typical white plaster surface, darker finishes allow your pool to look new and feel more contemporary.

At Signature Pools, we do more than just build pools, we help you create and sustain an entertaining and functional backyard space that allows you to relax and escape the business of life and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful pool.