Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool

Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool

Nothing can take away from the enjoyment of a pool quicker than an infestation of insects. They are attracted to the crowds of people and water associated with pools. There are certain things that can be done to keep bugs from ruining the good times experienced with a pool.


There are certain insects that will gather near a pool in search of algae. It’s important to eliminate all sources of algae as this is a food source for many different pests. A pool will not develop algae when its water is properly treated. Regular cleaning of a pool’s filtration system, as well as trap and buckets, is essential. Maintaining the right pH levels will give a reason for insects to go elsewhere for their food.

Pool Cover Use

A proper pool cover will make it possible to keep bugs out of a pool when it is not being used. Any pool cover used needs to be the right size and fit properly to be effective.


Placing bright light within 25 feet of a swimming pool will help with controlling insects. Underwater pool lights need to be turned off when it’s not being used. The lights in a yard should be turned off approximately an hour after the sun sets. This is a way to avoid insects that are active at dusk. Brighter lights can be placed 49 feet away to attract insects away from the pool.


It is important for a pool owner to be aware of the landscaping around their pool. Any tree branches as well as certain foliage close to the pool, or hanging near the pool should be removed. It is difficult at times to do this because many pool owners see plants and trees to make their pool more attractive. It’s important to realize trees and plants can make it much easier for a variety of different insects to be attracted to a pool.

Standing Water

It’s important to make certain there is no standing water near the pool. This could include old swings, wheelbarrows and more. Any type of item that holds water is a place that is an ideal environment for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.


There are a few plants able to keep pests away. Basil is a deterrent to keep flies away. Pots of basil around a pool area could eliminate unwanted flies. Mosquitoes will not go near catnip. Some pest control experts believe that catnip is better than DEET is some situations. Lemongrass, horsemint as well as citronella will all help keep insects away from a pool area.


Pool skimming is essential for keeping unwanted insects from occupying a pool. Many people believe that skimming a pool is basic. It’s also true many people forget to do it. When a pool is regularly skimmed, insect bodies don’t accumulate. This type of accumulation will attract other insects.


Algae, insect bodies and more draw insects to a pool. These problems can be eliminated with a pool is also regularly brushed. Once this is done, and the debris that has been stirred up is vacuumed out, it can stop algae from forming and more.

Pool designers and contractors often have the best tips on how to keep bugs away! Ask your pool contractor for ideas so you can enjoy your pool sans insects.