Weathering Winter: Off Season Tips

In Texas, we have relatively mild winters. For your pool, this means that you may not entirely close down for the season. Providing the right care for your investment is a great way to ensure a successful opening when our warm weather hits. In the meantime, several tips for weathering winter for your pool include:

• Algaecide
It is recommended to add an algaecide mid-winter or an algaestat (preventative) to avoid the possibility of algae growth during the off-use season.

• Prep For Freezing
If cold temperatures are in the forecast, remember to check your pipes and motorized parts including your pump, heater, and filter. Remove any water to avoid cracking pipes or damaging equipment. Additionally, dropping your pool’s water level to approximately 4-6 inches below your skimmer is ideal.

• Remove Debris
Even if you aren’t planning on swimming, staying on top of the organic matter build-up in your pool or on top of your pool cover can help make your life much easier when it is time to start swimming again. Leaves and dirt can accumulate throughout the off season and create serious issues with your water leaving your pool susceptible to bacteria and other conditions.

• Adding Chlorine
As soon as temperatures start to rise, adding liquid chlorine and running your filter can help make opening your pool easier for use.

At Signature Pools of Texas, we build your dream pool but it is up to you to take proper care of your outdoor oasis. With over 20 years of experience dedicated to creating tranquil escapes for relaxing, family gatherings, and backyard entertaining, ensuring that your pool weathers the change of seasons is key.