Why Add Water Features

At Signature Pools, we believe in harnessing the healing powers of water. Both immersion in a pool or spa and the relaxing sounds water can make can work wonders to help melt away the stress that occurs in our daily lives. With a range of beautiful and functional water features that can be incorporated into your pool design, here are a few of our favorite items that can amplify the many benefits of water:

Typically built into wall areas surrounding your pool or placed strategically alongside a retaining wall that gently flows into your pool. Scuppers come in a variety of materials like copper and other metals and produce small sheets of clear water that falls beautifully into your pool.

Rain Curtains
Similar to mild waterfalls, a rain curtain is a harnessing and directing of water that falls almost like a curtain – straight down in one glassy sheet. These can be incorporated wherever this is an elevation difference. For example, to section off a grotto or if your pool has a bridge element are two great examples. Rain curtains not only look interesting but also can bring a soothing sound element to your swimming experience.

A spillway is a structure that provides a controlled release of water into your pool. Through different flow control, a spillway can produce sound and visual diversity by breaking the surface of water to introduce texture.

Like miniature fountain components, jets and gushers spray vertical jets of water from benches, ledges, or steps to introduce an architectural element to how your water sits and moves. Jets can be a great way to incorporate a rich visual element and also introduce fun sounds when you are relaxing poolside.

A more traditional water feature but always popular, a waterfall brings relaxing sounds while also lending a focus feature to your pool. At Signature Pools, we love to incorporate large rockscapes with natural waterfalls to complete your backyard experience by involving the beauty of nature.